WIZnet W5500 Ethernet Arduino board from a Sweden company: SweetPea UnoNet+


Ethernet enabled Arduino Uno compatible board by using WIZnet W5500 with Android user interface possibilities.

This is the challenge

One of the major challenges when building small embedded computer systems is creating ways on how to interact with them. Luckily many of the simpler systems only needs one or two buttons and maybe a few LED’s as indicators. In those situations it is easy. Designing more advanced user interaction systems for low end processors quickly becomes very expensive in terms of code size, ram usage and implementation time.

But even when designing and building more complex systems actually having to add a display and some sort of keyboard adds a lot of complexity and cost to your system, whether it is a one off system for your aquarium or if it is a high volume product.

In the mean time, almost everyone walks around with a spectacular graphical user interface in their pocket. The smart phone. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to combine the two worlds.

Well as luck would have it, there actually is. Android phones have been equipped with NFC capabilities for many years but have found very little usage.


Via: Blog.WIZnet.HK

Source: tindie.com

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