PubNub with WIZnet WiFi Module WizFi250

1. Overview

  • Thought making exercise that can be followed easily would be great if author plans for a series. As a result, we decided on the conference title “Actual IoT Application Service Development”. However, now that we are writing, this is too large a field such as Hardware, Network, Cloud Server, and Client. We were agonizing to find out more simple and easier way. Finally, we came to the conclusion that we develop the actual IoT application service ourselves as following below.

① Hardware : Open Source Hardware Platform (Arduino)

② Network : Wifi (use Arduino Wifi Module)

③ Cloud Server : PubNub Data Stream Server

④ Client : HTML5 and Javascript

  • This posting will explain the actual application program briefly. First of all, sense the temperature-humidity from IoT devices. And then, send the data to Cloud Service through the Internet. In this application program, the key point is that this is the system sending the temperature-humidity information to the final user (Client).


2. PubNub?


  • PubNub : Build and Scale Realtime Apps for Connected Devices
  • If you become a member, you are able to do basic test.

3. Register & Get Key



4. Channel Test with WizFi250

  • Let’s do a simple channel test once you have been done setting on PubNub.
  • We will send a “value-1” data using WizFi250.

Picture5 Picture6

GET /publish/pub-c-34a73e4e-51d6-41d6-a0d1-83c7fa5xxxxx/sub-c-6d25288a-b26d-11e4-8fcd-0619f89xxxxx/0/WizFi250-channel/0/“vlaue-1” HTTP/1.1


5. Result



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