mCIA : WiFi Component ESP8266 with WIZwiki-W7500

* WIZnet Project with WIZwiki-W7500

1. Purpose

– will apply ESP8266, that is getting attention as a low-price wireless module in current market, as mCIA.

  • Basic Example of mCIA : apply only ESP8266
  • Application Example : apply Dual NIC (WIZnet TCP/IP & ESP8266)


– There are some WIZnet customers who realize using with W5x00 & WizFi.

2. Apply only ESP8266


3. Dual NIC – problem encountered

  • There is difficulty in order that Dual NIC is realized because of mbed class structure
  • not designed because Ethernet/Socket class considers inheritance and extension
  • occurs problem not only in WIZwiki-W7500 platform but also mbed platform

→ wrong design by mbed S/W architect

Picture3 Picture4

→ negative answer on mbed forum

4. Dual NIC – similar case


5. Dual NIC – realization


6. Dual NIC – result

Picture6 Picture7


– I know that this way is a kind of work-around way. Best way is to design a new network-abstract-class and hierarchical network-interface-classes based on the network-abstract-class.

  • Ethernet : IwIP, WIZnet hardwired TCP/IP
  • WiFi : ESP8266, WiFly, WizFi250, CC3000
  • Other interfaces (3G/4G, BT, ….)

I believe that mbed-team will release a new network classes based on a hierarchical architecture.

7. Dual NIC – mCIA posting

Picture8 Picture9 Picture10

8. Dual NIC – feedback



9. Network / Socket Library redesigning?


– This library might not be compatible with existing library.

10. Conclusion

  • Basic Example of mCIA : apply only ESP8266

→  Success!

  • Application Example : apply Dual NIC (WIZnet TCP/IP & ESP8266)

→ had little difficulty because of mbed architectural problem

→ mbed team is modifying Network/Socket library

→ will update Dual NIC once this library is officially updated

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