Wi-Fi Geolocation Watch

This posting explains how you can acquire the position information from Geolocation server and time information from NTP server using WizFi250 & WIZwiki-W7500.

Below is the system diagram.




You need below hardware parts :


  • WizFi250-EVB :  WizFi250-EVB is the evaluation board for WizFi250 Wi-Fi module. As it is compatible with Arduino, it could be used for Wi-Fi Shield for Arduino boards.


  • Sensor Shield : On this sensor shied, various sensors are mounted. Just by plugging to the WIZwiki-W7500, you can test the all the peripherals of the W7500.


  • SSD1306  OLED : 128 x 64 dot matrix panel


Hardware Configuration

WIZwiki-W7500 board controls the WizFi250 using UART0 RX/TX/CTS/RTS pins and SSE1306 OLED using I2C SDA/SCL pins.



Compile the example codes of WizFi250 Geolocation and NTP

You can download the example code from below link.

WizFi250 Gelocation_NTP Example 

The libraries of the example are as below.

<SSD 1306 Library>

To use this SSD1306 OLED, we used the GFX Library provided by Adafruit. We also found some bugs in Display() function and sends the “Pull Request” to modify the code.

<HTTP Client>

HTTP Client library is used for transmitting or receiving the Web server request/Response messages. The example connects to the ‘ip-api.com’ server to acquire the geolocation information. If you try to connect the server with ‘ip-api.com/csv’ address, you can get the information of the country, address, latitude, longitude and Time zone in csv format.

Click below link to download the HTTP Client library.

HTTP Client


<NTP Client>

NTP Client library acquires the UTC information from Network Time server by using UDP protocol. The example code will connect to ‘kr.pool.ntp.org’ the Korean NTP server domain.

NTP Client


<Example Source Code>



Below is the demonstration.

WIZnet Technology Online Store (www.shopwiznet.com)

In order to purchase WIZnet produts, please visit the following links.

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