Display the power consumption of the day – Arduino power meter

This project is a power consumption monitoring application using ethernet shield and XivelyPachube ※ 2 to the upload + accumulate the data in anywhere and at any time.

Using the accumulated data “Today’s power consumption” or “highest and lowest power of today” are displayed.





– Prototype

It makes a part that measures the voltage and current required for the power calculations.

Power meter /w Arduino Power meter /w Arduino


– Circuit

Power meter /w Arduino 回路図 rev3


– 100V Transformer

The power transformer of 100V side of the wire, parallel connect the varistor in, put a fuse in series.



– Using Ethernet shield

Data measured by the Arduino power meter to Pachube (patch bay).

Pachube’s a web service that can be shared, such as environmental data and sensor data via the Internet.



– Product.

P1020691 IMGP2907 IMGP2908


Source and detail tutorial description can be found from below link.

Original link = http://arms22.blog91.fc2.com/?no=517

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