Have you ever heard about PiKon 3D Printed Telescope? It is the Raspberry Pi based telescope made by a physicist in England, and got £5,850 funding at the crowd funding site Indiegogo.

For more detail, refer to below

Pikon 3D Printed Telescope

One day, a WIZnet engineer decided to make the similar one, WIZKon – an Internet Telescope that its platform is WIZwiki-W7500. Let’s see how he made it. It is very simple and easy to follow.


The following board and electronic parts are required.


  • 3D CAD File : The main body of the telescope will be made by 3D printer. You download the CAD file from the link.
  • WIZwiki-W7500 : This is the mbed-enabled ARM cortex-M0 platform board. For more detail, click Here
  • Serial Camera : LJ-DSC02
  • LENS : SSG-B51
  • ETC : Rubber bands, 2mm x 10, 20 screw bolt, wire, black thick paper, plastic support, pin header socket and etc

3D Printed Bodies

If you use above CAD file, you could get the below bodies that printed by the 3D printer.


Serial Camera Wiring

As shown below images, connect the wires to the main board of the serial camera. We are going to use this board to compress the image data from telescope into JPEG format and transmit it to the main platform board, WIZwiki-W7500.

  • Prepare the serial camera, Wires and Pin headers.
  •  serial_wire_1
  • Take off the screws from the back panel of the camera PCB
  • serial_wire_2serial_wire_3
  • Connect the wires by soldering to the PCB as below.
  • solder_wire_4
  • solder_wire_5
  • Connect the pin headers to the end of the wires as below.
  • solder_wire_6

Mounting the Camera Module

Mount the above camera module in the middle of the telescope.


Assembling the bodies

As shown in below images, we assemble the bodies of the telescope and lenses. For the exterior body of the telescope, we used the black paper to save the cost.



Assembling Everything



Connect the camera module in the body of the telescope, to the WIZwiki-W7500 as below.



You can download the mbed code about processing the camera image and Ethernet connectivity from below link.

Mbed source code repository



Below is the screen capture of the PC viewer. The PC viewer has been made with C#. If you need the source code, contact to ricky@wiznet.co.kr


WIZnet Technology Online Store (www.shopwiznet.com)

In order to purchase WIZnet produts, please visit the following links.

WIZnet Technology

IOT Device Platform


WIZnet (Wizard of Internet) is the IoT Device Platform company.

It’s unique technology – Hardwired TCP/IP provides better performance and stability than any other software Internet connectivity solutions. We can summarize the main features of Hardwired TCP/IP as Unattackable, High Performance and Easy to Use

Hardwired TCP/IP Chip

WIZnet (Wizard of Internet) is a unique Hardwired Internet Connectivity Solution Provider. WIZnet provides IOcP and HW TCP/IP chips, best fitted for low-end Non-OS devices connecting to the Ethernet for the internet of things.

  • WIZnet’s core technology is “Hardwired TCP/IP“.
  • WIZnet’s Hardwired TCP/IP solutions provide better performance and stability than any other software Internet connectivity solutions.
  • WIZnet develops Internet offload co-Processors for the “Internet of Things”. The Internet Offload co-Processor consists of a Hardwired TCP/IP and an Ethernet PHY.
  • The Internet Offload co-Processor easily adds Internet capability to any application. It works with any MCU and does not require an operation system.
  • WIZnet is developing Hardwired TCP and IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack chips.



More Safty, More Stable

WIZnet hardwired TCP/IP chip is the Unattackable hardware network engine for preventing network attacks such as flooding, spoofing, injection.

The hardware TOE (TCP/IP Offload Engine) technology, which is implemented as Hardwired logic from Ethernet MAC Layer to TCP/IP Layer, is able to protect IoT system against network attack under excessive number of flooding packet by making discard flooding packets detected.



Amazing Performance!

Hardware TOE shows a superior performance compared to the software TCP/IP stack solutions.

High Speed Serial Peripheral Interface, maximum 8 independent hardware sockets support. More stable than software TCP/IP stack under SYN flood attack.

Easy to Use


Open Libraries / Examples

WIZnet provides various network protocol libraries and useful tutorials / application examples.



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WIZnet in Embedded World 2015

WIZnet participates in Embedded World 2015 which is held in Nurnberg, Germany from Feb 24 to 26.

In this exhibition, we announce our mission to improve the positioning within the semiconductor market as the sole hardware TCP/IP leader and the upcoming IOP(Internet Offload Processor) vendor.

We also introduce the IOP4IoT concept along with other topics such as “Unattackable Firewall SoC, WizWiki W7500 platform, and WIZnetian in WIZnet museum.

150226_7350_new 150226_73500_new


About WIZnet


The Purpose of the Company

  • IOcP4IoT

    WIZnet provides IOcP (Internet Offload co-Processors) and HW TCP/IP chips, best fitted for low-end Non-OS devices connecting to the Ethernet for the internet of things.
    WIZnet, engaged in the Open-source HW movement, proposes a Shared Purpose – a collaborative business model for a demanded creation through partnership.

  • Open-source HW

    IOcP has been embedded in a wide variety of niche applications, most notably as standard in DIY makers based on the Open-source HW platform originated by Arduino.

  • Shared Purpose

    IOcP is a co-processor for MCU that offloads the internet processing.
    It is common to any MCU, easy to add on, and its die is easily integrated into other dies by SiP (System-in-Package)